Angels of Darkness by Cornell Woolrich (as George Hopley)

By Cornell Woolrich (as George Hopley)

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She made sure she had shoes on and a coat over her and let the rest go hang. There was no time to phone Murphy, even if she had wanted to, but the thought didn't occur to her. html stairs, glimpsing the open door of Florence Turner's room as she sneaked by. " Prudence slipped out of the street door downstairs, looked hopelessly up and down the street. He had evidently come alone in the car; there was no one else in it. He had piled the clothing on the back seat. For a moment she even thought of smuggling herself in and hiding under it, but that was too harebrained to be seriously considered.

Or at least it seemed so in the preternatural stillness that reigned about the place. They both held their breaths for a wary moment, as if by mutual understanding. Then as Prudence moved in still closer under the window, a faint sibilance came down to her from the narrow opening. "Please take me away from here.

Still there was always a possibility it was someone else in her family or household, and she meant to be thorough about this if nothing else. Mrs. Trasker's address was a small old-fashioned apartment building of the pre-War variety. It was not expensive by any means, but still it did seem beyond the means of a person who had been unable to pay even a twodollar fine, and for a moment Prudence thought she scented suspicion in this. But as soon as she entered the lobby and asked for Mrs. Trasker, the mystery was explained.

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