An introduction to digital media by Tony Feldman

By Tony Feldman

During this transparent and hugely obtainable publication, Tony Feldman offers an account of the evolution and alertness of electronic media. Clarifying its underlying applied sciences, he identifies its sizeable advertisement and human strength. utilizing as a place to begin a simplification which considers new media in precise sectors; packaged "off-line" media corresponding to CD-ROMs; and the area of transmitted media which include electronic broadcasting and interactive on-line prone, Feldman offers a finished evaluation of the electronic media panorama. targeting multimedia and the leisure media he describes and analyses the remarkable upward thrust of CD-based info and the both innovative improvement of the web and on-line prone. Set inside of a advertisement context, readers can determine the capability to generate profit and cash in on the recent media. An advent to electronic Media concludes with a strategic evaluation of the consequences of going electronic for people, businesses and firms.

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Even home users are buying top end machines. In 1994, for example, in the United States more Pentium-based machines were sold for use in homes than in the large corporations for which they were originally expected to be destined. As this trend gathers pace, the common denominator of software-based video performance will be capable of working the software systems very hard indeed. Video windows will get larger, frame rates will rise to full motion and colour resolution will improve dramatically.

In other words, control has to be related accurately to purpose and experience teaches us that in the design of any kind of control system, ease of use is usually inversely proportional to the power of the system being used. As what we try to do gets more ambitious, so the tools for doing it get more difficult to use. One of the greatest design and development battles facing the digital media industry, therefore, is to make the complex, powerful computer systems on which the industry relies, not just simple to operate, but trivially so.

The laser beam, reading the pit code on the disc, is affected by the varying length of the pits. This creates a continuously changing value, characteristic of analogue information. Although not a digital medium, the video disc is nonetheless the starting point for modern interactive multimedia development. There are two main reasons. First, a standard disc offers up to 55,000 frames of information, each with its own unique electronic address or frame number. This makes it possible to access any individual frame by calling up that address and displaying its contents.

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