Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology by G.F. Ball, J. Balthazart, M. Hidaka, I. Novak, M. Wheatly

By G.F. Ball, J. Balthazart, M. Hidaka, I. Novak, M. Wheatly

Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology is helping biologists, physiologists, and biochemists continue tune of the wide literature within the box. offering finished, built-in stories and sound, serious, and provocative summaries, this sequence is a needs to for all lively researchers in environmental and comparative physiology.

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1975, 1982). The higher capacity of rat ducts to secrete K+ and HC0 3 - compared with rabbit ducts is ascribed to a greater density of the K+ IH+ antiports over the Na +IH+ antiports. It is also postulated that in a way similar to the cortical collecting ducts, variations in the body acid-base status would be reflected in the ductal HC03 - and K+ secretion and distribution of dark cells in rat extralobular ducts (Knauf et al. 1983). Apart from the influence of mineralocorticoids and the salt and acid-base statue, the salivary ducts are under autonomic nervous control.

Rat M. 50 -+- o ~ C 25 sheep P. (]) () C o U kangaroo P. 01-----~----~----r_--~~--~----~ 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Secretory rate (JJI/ g-min) Fig. 5. Electrolyte excretory patterns of cholinergically stimulated salivary glands. Salivary electrolyte concentrations are plotted as a function of salivary secretory rates corrected for gland weight. Data for rat and rabbit mandibular glands are redrawn from Novak (1984), for Na+-replete sheep parotid glands from Compton et al. (1980) and for Na+ -replete kangaroo parotid glands from Beal (1984) 29 Cellular Mechanisms of Salivary Gland Secretion Bicarbonate ;---..

Pfliigers Arch 403:328-330 Foskett JK (1990) [Ca2 +1i modulation of Cl- content controls cell volume in single salivary acinar cells during fluid secretion. Am J Physiol 259:C998-C1004 Frizzell RA, Field M, Schultz SG (1979) Sodium-coupled chloride transport by epithelial tissues. Am J Physiol 236:F1-F8 Fromter E, Gebler B, Schopow K, Pockrandt-Hemstedt H (1974) Cation and anion permeability of rabbit submaxillary main duct. In: Thorn NA, Petersen OH (eds) Secretory mechanisms of exocrine glands.

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