Admixtures in Crystallization by Jaroslav Nyvlt, Joachim Ulrich

By Jaroslav Nyvlt, Joachim Ulrich

Utilizing facts collected from just about all to be had literature, this matchless publication presents an exhaustive survey of the consequences of admixtures on crystallization. A concise remedy of present conception and perform makes this ebook compatible for beginners in addition to crucial for extra complex chemists and chemical engineers operating during this box.

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If h > 1. the solid phase is enriched in the microcomponent during the crystallization. otherwise, it is depleted in the microcomponent. In addition, the logarithmic distribution law assumes that diffusion in solid phase is negligible. Therefore, the admixture distribution in the solid phase is inhomogeneous: for h > 1, the highest impurity concentration is in the centre of the crystal and it decreases towards the surface, while for h < 1 this distribution is inversed. The Nernst distribution assumes that the ions of the two components are in equilibrium with the ions inside the crystal.

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