A Shore Too Far (Daughters of Damendine) by Kevin Manus-Pennings

By Kevin Manus-Pennings

Princess Kara Asgrand isn't just daughter to the king but additionally the best army brain of her period. in the course of the country of Avandi and, certainly, the total continent of Damendine, excessive common Kara is named an unstoppable genius at the battlefield. No quantity of genius, despite the fact that, can have ready Kara for the arriving of a wondrous fleet of serious ships not like something ever noticeable. while the unusual passengers disembark from the ships via the millions, Kara is faced with a sprawling tent urban on Avandi's shore. The viewers, the Kullobrini, weave a story of a misplaced excursion and ships riddled with sickness and beg time to cleanse their vessels.

As the times move, despite the fact that, holes look within the Kullobrini’s tale, and with each solution a brand new query arises. If the Kullobrini are opposed, they are going to expense Kara’s forces dearly. Regardless, Kara needs to safeguard her father’s nation, yet she can't forget about that her personal lifetime of battle has made her judgment suspect.…

Kara needs to make a decision what are the boundaries of 1 people’s compassion for one more? and the way some distance may still one humans visit guard themselves? If she trusts the Kullobrini wrongly, she might lose her father’s nation, but when she chooses battle since it is the reply she has come to anticipate then she may well lose her soul.

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He had his back to us as is the custom. In olden days, these messengers were corrupted and used as assassins against both the king and his enemies. Tradition now demanded that an aglindor put his back to his intended recipient to await the approach. Even with that precaution in place, it was rare that a messenger was approached by the recipient himself. Gonnaban rode to meet the aglindor and called forth Eric’s title. Gonnaban returned promptly with the small golden cylinder that bore the royal seal and my father’s message.

All the men carried some form of sword, but of a make I had never seen, and all had close-cropped hair as black as their skin. They rode easily at a trot on the graceful horses we had seen offloaded. Our group came to a stop and, at a nod from Eric, four of our lead cavalrymen produced royal horns and blasted out a note that momentarily silenced the sea. Another note went out and billowed across the rising hills. The four lowered their trumpets and rode forth to announce Eric. ” The seven riders from the tents reigned in fifty feet from our trumpeters.

Won’t be long now,” he said. Gonnaban rode one of the short-muzzled horses of my mother’s people, a horse known more for endurance than speed. He called the mare Henra, a word that in my mother’s tongue meant a painful lump on the buttock. Eric’s group rode up, his guard making way to allow him to ride to me. His ceremonial armor shone in the torchlight. “Ambassador,” he greeted me, nodding his head. “Your Highness,” I replied, biting my tongue. ” Eric motioned to two men behind him, both wearing rich robes and sashes of accomplishment.

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