A Phule and His Money by Robert Asprin

By Robert Asprin

Captain Willard Phule has whipped his troops into form, turning Phule’s corporation from the laughingstock of the Legion into…a crack group of on line casino defense guards. Now his corporation is deployed to aid an underdeveloped planet. And what higher solution to make the most of their significant quarter of expertise—goofing off—than to show the planet into the most important intergalactic playground ever?

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Was this a male or a female? Brandy wondered idly. The Gambolts' sexual differences weren't immediately evident to the untrained human eye, and both sexes were known to choose military careers. ) "Welcome aboard, Dukes. " "Here, Sergeant," said another Gambolt. The translator made this one's voice sound lighter and perhaps more feminine-as the choice of name also suggested-though the only outward physical distinction between this one and the other Gambolts was a slightly lighter build. Garbo had darker fur, nearly black, with a hint of a lighter colored undercoat.

That's why we're here," said one of the Gambolts-Dukes, the biggest of the trio. ) teeth made it far more ferocious than an equivalent expression from a human. "Good, then let's go," said Brandy. " The new members of Phule's Company shouldered their bags, and followed Brandy and their officers past the line of curious tourists at the immigration desk, out to a waiting hoverbus that would take them back to the Fat Chance hotel and their new assignment. They quickly stowed their bags and boarded, and the bus nosed out into the light traffic and headed away.

At first glance, a posh gambling resort like Lorelei would appear a plum assignment for a Space Legion company that until recently had been the laughingstock of the Legion. Omega Company had long been the Legion's dumping ground for incompetents and malcontents. My employer, Willard Phule (or "Captain Jester, " to use his Legion name) was given command of Omega Company as punishment for a small indiscretion of his own, namely ordering a peace conference strafed. He was lucky-only his status as a wealthy munitions heir kept him from being expelled outright.

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