A Philosophy of Political Myth by Chiara Bottici

By Chiara Bottici

During this ebook, Chiara Bottici argues for a philosophical figuring out of political delusion. Bottici exhibits that fantasy is a method, certainly one of non-stop paintings on a uncomplicated narrative trend that responds to a necessity for importance. humans desire that means so that it will grasp the realm they reside in, yet in addition they desire value to be able to dwell in a global that's much less detached to them. this is often relatively precise within the realm of politics. Political myths are narratives wherein we orient ourselves, and act and think approximately our political international. Bottici exhibits that during order to come back to phrases with modern phenomena, akin to the conflict among civilizations, we'd like a Copernican revolution in political philosophy. If we wish to retailer cause, we have to examine it from the viewpoint of fable.

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276a). In this line of interpretation, the myth – as a figurative expression – could be held to entail a surplus of meanings, and therefore acts as a stimulans to thinking, and could be considered as a way of overcoming some of the shortcomings of the practice of writing. 14 13 14 Some commentators read this passage in connection with Aristotle’s testimony on Plato’s “unwritten doctrines” (agrapha dogmata). See, in particular, the work of the socalled T¨ubinger Schule, whose major representatives, in their attempt to reevaluate the indirect Platonic tradition as fundamental for an accurate image of Plato, strongly emphasise Plato’s scepticism towards the practice of writing (Kr¨amer 1982, 1995; Geiser 1963; Reale 1986).

However, no sharp opposition between mythos and logos was yet part of the common meaning of the term. Even for the sophists the old tales (mythoi) were part of a reservoir of traditional material to which they themselves did not disdain to make recourse in their art of constructing discourses. P1: SBT 0521876559c01 CUNY769/Bottici 0 521 87655 9 30 May 12, 2007 22:16 I A Genealogy of Myth According to Plato’s testimony, learning to express one’s arguments in the form of the logos and the mythos was part of the basic training in the rhetorical-dialectical curriculum: on the one hand, there was the demonstration of truth based on rational argumentation, and, on the other, its narration through figurative expressions.

How could he say that the philomythos is also a philosopher precisely where he states that philosophy concerns the knowledge of principles and causes? One possible answer requires a further clarification of Aristotle’s view of causes (aitiai) themselves. This is a point that is hard for a modern mind to catch – used as it is to conceiving causes in terms of an abstract relationship between events. 17 Indeed, both the noun aitia (cause) and the corresponding nominalised adjective aition are derived from the adjective aitios, which means “responsible of, guilty of”, even in the juridical sense.

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