A Moral Defense of Recreational Drug Use by Rob Lovering

By Rob Lovering

Why does American legislation enable the leisure use of a few medicinal drugs, equivalent to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, yet now not others, akin to marijuana, cocaine, and heroin? the reply lies no longer easily within the damage using those medicinal drugs may possibly reason, yet within the perceived morality--or lack thereof--of their leisure use. regardless of powerful rhetoric from ethical critics of leisure drug use, despite the fact that, it's strangely tricky to figure the explanations they've got for deeming the leisure use of (some) medicines morally unsuitable. during this booklet, Rob Lovering lays out and dissects a number of arguments for the immorality of utilizing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and different medicinal drugs recreationally. He contends that, mainly, those arguments don't prevail. Lovering's ebook represents one of many first works to systematically current, study, and critique arguments for the ethical wrongness of leisure drug use. Given this, in addition to the recognition of the morality-based safeguard of the us' drug legislation, this e-book is a crucial and well timed contribution to the controversy at the leisure use of drugs.

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So even if some people do not value the goods that are often produced through recreational drug use, whether self-regarding or otherregarding, this does not entail that they are not valuable. And clearly, recreational drug users (among others) consider these things to be valuable. As for establishing that these goods, particularly those that are selfregarding, are frequently produced with the user’s voluntary, informed consent, with adequate knowledge of what it involves, and without coercion, one can choose to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, snort cocaine, drop acid, pop ecstasy, shoot heroin, or what have you.

14 Hart makes similar comments about members of law enforcement and members of the media. Regarding the former, he states that police officers “don’t receive training in pharmacology . . ”15 As for the latter, Hart remarks that the media “has gen- 38 A MORAL DEFENSE OF RECREATIONAL DRUG USE erally fanned the flames of drug hysteria” and typically, once the hysteria has abated, “we discover that the drug in question wasn’t as dangerous as we were initially told. ”16 Some of the distorted information, then, comes from misguided scientists, members of law enforcement, and members of the media.

With this in mind, consider an argument addressed in Chapter 2: (1) Recreational drug use damages the user’s brain and, with it, his or her mental faculties. (2) If recreational drug use damages the user’s brain and, with it, his or her mental faculties, then recreational drug use is wrong. (3) Therefore, recreational drug use is wrong. In this case, the activity is recreational drug use, the subject of the harm is the user himself or herself, and the harm is that of damage to the user’s brain and mental faculties.

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