Helping Our Local Communities

Press Articles – Petition HM Government website “Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments” – “Its time to Nationalise the Railways” – Manchester Gazette – “The Welfare Reform Act – Disability Living Allowance” – Manchester Gazette “Jobs Boost for Greater Manchester” – Manchester Gazette – “Disability Campaign steps up a Gear” – Manchester Gazette – “Community Action warns of a “real” Poverty & Crime Time bomb in Greater Manchester” – Manchester Gazette – “Stop the Badger Cull !” – Manchester Gazette – “Half a million in disability bombshell” – Manchester Gazette – Petition HM Government website “End Rail Franchising – Renationalise Rail” – “Protest Launches against plans to build supermarket on Swinton Burial Ground.” – Salford Advertiser – “Campaign to reduce total number of Councillors” – Wigan Evening Post – Petition to reduce the number of councillors by one-third in City of Salford – Salford City Council ” Sign our petition to fight the cuts” – Wigan Evening Post – “Jobs Boost in Store” – Wigan Evening Post

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